Introducing our 2017 Art Contest Winners!

3rd Grade Winner 2017

Khloe Lee
Temple City STARS Club, Temple City


4th Grade Winner 2017

Morgan Becker
Bear River Middle School, Wheatland


5th Grade Winner 2017

Kimberly Lum
Catheryn Gates Elementary School, Roseville


Imagination Award Winner 2017

Mia Alvarez
Temple City STARS Club, Temple City


New! Video Award Winner 2017 – Click here to watch the video

Kate Fakih
Baldwin Stocker Elementary School, Arcadia





Past Years: 2016 Poster Contest Winners:

3rd Grade Winner

Aliyah Ploysangngam
La Rosa Elementary, Temple City



4th Grade Winner

Nicole Weber
Temecula Luiseño Elementary, Temecula



5th Grade Winner

Miriam Cuiniche-Romero
Van Buren Elementary, Jurupa Valley




Imagination Award Winner

Matthew Liberman
McKinley Elementary, Santa Monica



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