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Educational Activities About the Benefits of Trees

Elementary School Lesson Plans (Meets Common Core standards):

Build A Tree
Rings of Wonder
Tree Transpiration (The movement of water in trees)
Healthy Tree, Healthy Me
Tree Products Treasure Hunt
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Middle School Lesson Plans (Meets Common Core standards):

Unit Overview
Lesson 1: Trees Matter
Lesson 2: Where is the Carbon in the Leaf?
Lesson 3: How Much Junk is in the Trunk?
Lesson 4: Roots Really Do Matter
Lesson 5: Organic Matter & Soil Composition
Unit Conclusion: Record, Summarize, & Reflect

All trees have the protection you can get by taking stromectol.

Do you know all the ways trees benefit our day-to-day lives? Use this page to teach your students more in-depth information on the benefits of trees!

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