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Join in on an Arbor Week event or learn how to plan your own! Use our resources to help spread the word about California Arbor Week in your community. Get your school or organization to participate in a California Arbor Week poster, video, or photo contest.

West Sacramento at Washington Middle College High School for 2018 Arbor Week

Plan or Attend an Arbor Week Event:

Looking to join a California Arbor Week event near you? Click here to find an event in your neighborhood, or post your own event to share with others! Arbor week events are a great way to bring together an entire community to celebrate trees. Whether it’s a tree planting event, a commemoration, or something as simple as a group hike, these tools will help you make the most of your California Arbor Week:

  • Arbor Week Planning Kit

    This complete planning and promotion kit will decide which kind of California Arbor Week event is right for you, and help you encourage community involvement, get more media attention, attract and build partnerships, and multiply your efforts.

  • Media Advisory Template

    A brief announcement of an event or press conference that gives information such as the place, date, time and purpose of an event — this helps you raise a lot of publicity and get more people involved!

  • Press Release Template

    The press release is usually sent out the day of your event or after it is over. This allows you to share the success of your event with a wider audience.


Get Your School Involved:

Teachers and organization leaders can use our poster contest (for 3- 5 graders) to get kids thinking about trees in creative ways. This year’s POSTER CONTEST theme is: Trees Create COOL Communities. Share these contest rules with your teacher!  Check out our “For Educators” page for even more information and lesson plans. 

Click to see the Poster Contest Rules & Form. Students will win $100 and teachers/group leaders will win $50.

Posters are DUE FEBRUARY 7, 2020.

Video Contest

We also have a video contest (teenagers, ages 12 to 18 — new!). The VIDEO CONTEST theme is: We are Generation Tree. Three winners will be announced: 1st place receives $150, 2nd place $100 and 3rd place $50. Check out our video contest blog for more information.

All entries are due January 10, 2020.

See past contest winners

Spread the Word:

Use your voice to reach others in your community. Whether simply talking to your neighbor or contacting your local news station, your love for trees can quickly become contagious and change your community for the better.

  • Letter to the Editor Template Write letters to your local newspapers about your organization and your California Arbor Week events.
  • Op-Ed Template The op-ed is usually read by those you most want to reach in the community, including business leaders and policymakers.
  • Proclamation Template Proclamations are a highly effective way to involve your local city council or mayor in your organization’s California Arbor Week efforts.

Other Resources:

Use these graphics and tools for any of your Arbor Week planning, education, outreach, or events:

  • Arbor Week Brochure
  • Web Banner Apply this banner to your website to let visitors know your organization participates in California Arbor Week. Right-click the image and select “Save Picture As” to save the banner to your computer. Make sure the file saves as a PNG file. Remember to link the button to when you post it on your website.
  • Print Banners (ZIP) These 3′ x 5′ vinyl banners are designed to help you promote your local California Arbor Weeks events. Pricing will vary but expect to spend around $150. Save your banner and use it year after year. We have three banner options for you to choose from. Download a zip file of all three above or individual designs here: OPTION 1: Perfect for the organization that needs a ready-to-order banner, that needs no altering.
    OPTION 2: Ready to use or ask your printer to remove the California ReLeaf logo and replace it with your own.
    OPTION 3: Best of all three worlds! Promote California Arbor Week, include your logo and give credit to sponsor California ReLeaf. Ask your printer to add your logo in the white space on the right.

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